Join the Dream Team

Use your gifts to make a difference

We believe in using the gifts and talents God has given you to make an impact in our community and for God's Kingdom. There are a ton of opportunities to serve at Front Range, which you can check out below. If you need help finding a team, click the button below and we will get you connected. If you already have an idea of where you want to serve, email Jonny and he can give you next steps.

If you like to make services happen, check out...

  • Online Campus: This team helps get people connected and involved in our weekly online experience.
  • Production: This team is responsible for lighting, video, audio, and executing the service from start to finish on Sunday mornings.
  • Worship: Has God given you musical or vocal abilities to use to lead out church into worship on Sundays? We'd love to have you audition and join the team!
  • Kid’s Production: This team uses audio and visual elements to help the lessons come to life in meaningful and memorable ways that engage the hearts of our kids.

If you like working behind the scenes, check out...

  • Setup: This team transforms a school into a church, from building the worship area to setting up the lobby and kids areas.
  • Breakdown: This team transforms the church back into a school. We make sure to leave the facility better than we found it each week and bless our community in this way.
  • Security: Our security team keeps an eye out for both kids and adults to make sure everyone is safe and cared for on Sunday morning.
  • Breakfast: Our Dream Team works hard on Sunday morning, so why not provide breakfast and fuel? This team loves to care for people behind the scenes by providing breakfast each Sunday.
  • First Impressions: This team is responsible for setting up the first impression that a guest has when they walk in the doors or visit the restrooms.
  • Kid’s Curriculum Prep: This team prepares the materials and crafts that are used in our kid’s classrooms on the weekends.
  • Office Assistance: This team will help during the week with tasks in the office such as mailings, data entry and event specific tasks.

If you want to help people feel welcome, check out...

  • Café: This team helps create a hospitable atmosphere on Sunday mornings by greeting and serving guests with food, drinks, and a warm smile.
  • Greeter: This team is often the first interaction that a guest has with Front Range on a Sunday morning, and they are ready to welcome people with a smile and a handshake.
  • Hosts: This team helps create a family environment in our worship services. They help folks find a seat, provide prayer during response time, and serve communion.
  • Kid’s Check In: This team assists every family at check in and engages them in a way that allows them to feel welcomed and safe.

If you like helping people get connected, check out...

  • Follow Up: This team handles data entry and behind the scenes work with connect cards to get people set up to take their next step.
  • Next Steps: This team helps people take their next steps in engaging the church, as well as answers any questions people may have about the church.
  • NEXT: This team helps with preparation, teaching, and follow up from our membership process. If you have gifts of hospitality or teaching, this team may be for you.

If you like serving with kids or students, check out...

  • Nursery/Preschool: This team serves our toddlers and preschoolers by teaching, loving, and caring for them and their families on Sundays.
  • Elementary: This team creates a fun and exciting atmosphere for Elementary students to learn God's truths.
  • Special Needs Buddy: This team works with kids with special needs during service and encourages them as they discover God.
  • Students: The student ministry at Front Range includes weekly worship opportunities, community groups, and events throughout the year.